Seminar by Dr. Uday Bhasker on Climate Change

A lecture cum Interactive Session on the topic ‘Climate Change and it’s Impact’ was conducted for the students of Class 9 by Eminent Research Scientist Dr. Uday Bhasker, CSIRO, Australia, alumnus of St.Paul’s High School, 1984 Batch. Dr. Uday Bhasker enlightened the students about how Climate Change was going to cause a long term shift in average weather patterns over the coming decades and the dangers of anthropogenic Green house gases. Speaking about IPCC and it’s Research Work he explained how timings and magnitude of Climate Change would impact the human life and the catastrophic effects thereafter.
He motivated the students to keep in mind , Kimberly Nicholas’5 simple ways to communicate climate change (i) It is warming (ii) It’s us (iii) We’re sure (iv) It’s bad (v) But we can fix it’.
The Principal Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy presented a memento to Mr. Uday Bhasker as a token of gratitude.