The academic year 2023-24 began with a dual celebration marking the Feast of our Patron Saint, St.Paul and Installation of School Cabinet and Leaders as part of the Investiture Ceremony held on 28 June 2023.

The Chief Guest for the day Dr. Anuradha Srinivasan and the Special Guest Dr. Srirang Abkari graced this momentous occasion.

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The Principal Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy and the Bursar Rev.Bro. Arogyam garlanded the portrait of St. Paul and lighted the lamp as a mark of respect.

The Principal emphasized on the need to follow the passion and dedication towards work in his welcome address.

The School Choir rendered melodious songs on the occasion of St.Paul’s Feast and the theme song based on the theme of the year- “Innovate  Educate  Elevate”.
The tremendous efforts of our Principal Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy turned into reality with the launching of St. Paul’s Alumni Blood Donors Association Web Portal by Dr.Srirang Abkari, Sr.Physician at Udai Omni Hospitals, Hyderabad supported by the Executive Members of the Alumni.
A sense of pride prevailed in the air as the newly elected leaders of the School Cabinet , Class Leaders, Asst. Class Leaders, House Captains and Classroom Incharges pledged loyalty towards their  School and Nation.The Chief Guest Dr. Anuradha Srinivasan stressed on the importance of leadership skills and team work in her message.
The newly elected Head Boy and Head Girl gave their maiden speech on the occasion .A scintillating drill performance was showcased by the students of class 7.The students of all the four Houses exhibited their skills in the Inter House Competitions as part of the celebration.The programme concluded with Vote of Thanks by the General   Secretary, Md.Waliuddin.


A special congratulatory note to all the newly elected members of the School Cabinet. Wishing them success in their commitment and duty towards their post and to uphold the values of St. Paul’s High School.

Senior Cabinet 2023-24

1. Head Boy – Aarnav Rao Sunkari of Class 10 D 

2.  Asst. Head Boy- M. Abhinav of Class 9C

3. Head Girl -Alice Thallapalli of Class 10 A

4. Asst. Head Girl- Anvitha John of Class 9A

5. General Secretary- Mohammed Waliuddin of Class 10E

6. Asst. General Secretary -Niveditha Chinthala of Class 9B

7. Literary Secretary -Agasthya John of Class 10 D

8. Asst. Literary Secretary -L. SriNithya of Class 9 B

9. Cultural Secretary- Purvi Budwala of Class 10 A

10. Asst. Cultural Secretary -Pooja Reddy of Class 9A

11. Sports Secretary- P. Sai Harsha of Class 10 C

12. Asst. Sports Secretary- G. Chetanya Ashwin of Class 9 C

13. General House Captain (Bro.John of God)- Prateek Raj Saxena of Class 10 D

14. Asst.General House Captain (Bro.John of God)- Faiza Fatima of Class 9A

15.General House Captain ( St. Gabriel)- Anisha Kati of Class 10 B

16. Asst. General House Captain ( St.Gabriel) -V. S. Deva Satwik of Class 9 D

17.General House Captain ( Bro. Stanislaus) -Sattur Avyukth of Class 10 E

18. Asst.General House Captain (Bro. Stanislaus) – Aarav Lakhani of Class 9 D

19.General House Captain (St. Montfort)- M. Nivrithi Gupta of Class 10 B

20. Asst. General House Captain ( St. Montfort) – G. Shreyas of Class 9 C

Junior Cabinet 2023-24

1. Junior Head Boy -Aarin Dev of Class 4 B

2. Junior Asst. Head Boy -Syed Zaid Ahmed of Class 3B

3. Junior Head Girl – Vydyula Chinmayi of Class 4D

4. Junior Asst. Head Girl – Elsa Catherine Julius of Class 3A.

5. Junior General House Captain ( Bro. John of God) -Bhoompally Hariharan of Class 4A

6. Junior Asst. General House Captain( Bro. John of God) – Abritti Paul of Class 3B

7. Junior General House Captain( St. Gabriel)- Johanna Anthony of Class 4A

8. Junior Asst. General House Captain( St. Gabriel)- Krishika Goud. M of Class 3C

9. Junior General House Captain (Bro. Stanislaus)- Arhaan Roshan Ali Khan of Class 4E

10. Junior Asst. General House Captain (Bro. Stanislaus)- Mashanapally Rithvik of Class 3D

11. Junior General House Captain (St. Montfort)- Shourya Kishore Parigala of Class 4E

12. Junior Asst. General House Captain (St. Montfort)- Bura Shreyas of Class 3E