Colours Day 2023-2024

The children of the PrePrimary class of St. Paul’s High School celebrated “Colours Day” in all its gaiety and splendour on 18th August ,2023. The preprimary children were dressed in colourful attire that added more Joy to the celebration. “ Colours Day “ was also a learning experience for the toddlers as they were involved in a number of fun-filled activities like sorting different coloured objects displayed after identifying them which helped them in developing cognitive skills.

The whole school wore a festive look with the enthusiasm of the children. It was indeed a great celebration of colours of joy bringing smiles to the blooming buds’ faces. The Bursar Rev. Bro. Arogyam congratulated the teachers for the spectacular show and applauded their creativity. Colour ‘s Day had a dual effect on the student’ s mind , as it was an effective learning process about different colours but in a fun and joyful manner.