Independence Day

“Nation First, Always First”

The skyline of free India was brought alive in St. Paul’s High School by a joyful celebration of its 75 glorious years of Independence, breaking free the chains of colonial rule.

A prayer song for peace and prosperity and “Vande Mataram” hailing our Mother Land was sung by the school choir commencing the day’s programme.


The Principal, Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy, Director and Correspondent, Rev. Bro. K. M. Joseph and the Bursar, Rev. Bro. Arogyam had the honour of hoisting the National Flag along with the special invitees Shri. Madur Narayana garu and Shri. N. Shankar Rao garu who made our country proud by their selfless sacrifice and fighting for the freedom of their mother land, India.

The retired teachers and the Executive committee of the alumni were felicitated and recognized for their contribution to the school and the society.

The Principal, Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy in his address, encouraged all who had gathered to take a pledge to do their best  in the right way and work for the progress of the country.

The school wore a colourful look and a rich glorious past of India was enacted by the students of the four houses.

The songs and the dances added a special glitter to this auspicious occasion. A special song composed by Mr. John Geiles, the Music Maestro and assisted by Mr. Sikhwal unfolding the patriotic fervor was released on youtube.

The price winners of the day’s competition celebrating the “Azadi the Amrith Mahotsav” was bagged by Bro. Stanislaus House and St. Montfort House

 The programme ended with the echoes of the battle cry “Jai Hind” by the enthusiastic and patriotic voices  of the sons and daughters of the soil.


St. Paul’s Primary Section took great pride in ushering in the 76th Independence Day, glorifying 75 years of India’s independence. The air bore a sense of love, patriotism and beamed with the vigour of the tricolor

The Principal Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy, the Director and Correspondent Rev. Bro. K.M.Joseph and Primary Section co-ordinator Ms. Phulwanth Kaur led this auspicious occasion. The Programme commenced with a prayer song and a special song was dedicated to all the Parliamentarians and nation builders.

The Patriotic song Vande Mataram was sung by the Primary Choir with solemnity hailing our mother land and as the National Flag was unfurled, the national Anthem was sung with great reverence.

A traditional welcome dance was presented by the students of classes 1 to 4. A heartfelt tribute was paid to the father of the nation Shri Mahatma Gandhi. Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy in his valuable message spoke about Mahatma Gandhi who was as icon of simplicity and peace and who believed that non-violence was the only way to attain  freedom.

A special song presented by the school choir brought out the feeling of Unity in Diversity in everyone’s heart. On this momentous day the prize winners of the solo dance competitions and solo singing competitions were awarded. The young students gave fiery speeches in Hindi and English on the topic “My Pride My India” which was appreciated by all. An interesting skit with the title “The glory of India is in its People” was well enacted by the students of the Primary School, stirring a patriotic feeling among the audience. The dance performance by the students of classes 3 and 4 was electrifying and it received a thunderous applause.

Rev. Bro. K.M. Joseph congratulated the students for the excellent display of Bharat Mata in an very apt and meaningful manner.

In his message he conveyed to the young children of tomorrow’s India that it is very important to uphold the principles and values taught by parents, teachers, elders etc., and that they should be good human beings and good citizens of the country. The celebrations ended with pride etched in their hearts.